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Clear rorze robot problem in ast3000

We cleared rorze robot problrm in ast3000.

Rorze robot connected Com2 on sequencer with RS232.

End user tried to initialize rorze robot but fail. They replaced rorze robot and its controller but syptoms was same.

We cleared it.



Tips on Publishing an Evaluation Report

It may not be soft to find just the right eyeglasses. It’s possibly harder once your optometrist tells you that you might want to wear bifocals. It can be awkward because you can easily see a specified point that moves throughout the lenses. This shows everyone that you actually cannot notice. There’s an alternate that’s not unavailable now. These eyeglasses are called progressive eyeglasses and they’re a better choice than the standard bifocal. As soon as your vision is strained, you will need glasses to relax the muscles so you have the ability to view correctly. Continue reading “Tips on Publishing an Evaluation Report” »

How Much Does a Expense

This concern get more generally subsequently not its the primary question folks and repeated a great deal of the times inquire following the break up. “May I if my ex is?” I-donot wish to stall below YES, you may get your ex lover back even if she or he is somebody fresh. Might it be more difficult than it would be if he/she was simple to truly get your ex back? Depends. Listed here is why. Currently I really don’t understand what ever the reason why you still have a fantastic possiblity to win your ex back, although why it smashed off. Continue reading “How Much Does a Expense” »

Five Specialized Searchengines You’ve to Know About

At its simplest degree, an obituary is just a notice inside the newspaper stating the future memorial and also a death and funeral plans. But an obituary may not be a whole lot less than this. It may be report and an account of the person’s life’s activities. It may preserve thoughts, history feats or enable family members to understand distant relatives. If the deceased is really a military associate, another layer of difficulty is put into the publishing of an obituary because they might have been divided from the family in service with their region or associated with hazardous and secret work. Continue reading “Five Specialized Searchengines You’ve to Know About” »

Explaining Children Suicide

The Microsoft Mouse 5000 gives the freedom to utilize your mouse without clutter and the constraint of cords to you. Typically the mouse characteristics as any other, answering your shifting the mouse to go the tip around the monitor. The mouse runs on two batteries, supplying electricity for that mouseis laser and Bluetooth transceiver. Whether you notice when the mouse moves, the cursor doesn’t move in precisely the same path, the mouse cuts out intermittently or the mouse does not answer in any way, Microsoft has proposed unique methods to fix the problem. Continue reading “Explaining Children Suicide” »