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Refurbish 300mm RTP helios ast3000

Refurbishment and modification AST3000 RTP(SHS3000)

We provide refurbishment and midification on AST3000 RTP(SHS3000 RTP).

The original system was used in 300mm FAB and the end user wants to use it as a standard 200mm system. Therefore we downsize and upgrade some optiongs.

For example,

300mm 2 Foup system -> 200mm SMIF system

Install new sequencer(3001474_B, MES 1.19.1)

Remove External UPS option, External HDD

Replace water flow sensors, lamps and pyrometers.

Modification gas box to match end user's configuration.

Modification on EILC and ripple rack.

Therefore end user are using this system for 200mm