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Mattson Helios RTP

Mattson Helios RTP
Mattson Helios RTP
  • Dual side heating with linear halogen lamps
         –  Reduced stress minimized pattern effects
         –  Higher total power density for flash anneal capabilities    
  • Non-contact edge guard ring, along with sharp quartz
         pins ensure better inherent uniformity and zero slip line
  • Field proven RippleTM pyrometry
         –  Reliable and repeatable process results
         –  Emissivity compensation
         –  High tolerance to deposits on chamber quartzware
  • Dual Chamber Configuration, Single Atmospheric Front End
    • identical and independent process modules for 300mm wafer size
    • Single atmospheric, linear handler serving 3 FOUP loadports
    • Faster dual arm robot
    • Central cooling station including slots for dummy wafers
  • Dynamic uniformity control and novel temperature controller  for improved transient temperature uniformity and ease of use

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